Tefal Actifry Hot Air Electric Fryer

The Tefal Actifry gives you a healthier way to enjoy your favourite fried foods. Actifry allows you to eat all your tasty favourite fried foods such as chips without having to worry about the way they are cooked, and at the same time keep the tasty flavours that you love and enjoy.

Actifry Hot air FryerThe Actifry allows you to cook your favourite tasty foods using only one spoonful of your chosen oil, so your whole family can now enjoy tasty homecooked chips with only 3% fat.

But it's not only chips that you can cook in the Actifry, it is so versatile that you can cook a whole range of foods from fresh and frozen, including sausages, curries, chicken, fish, stir fried vegetables, and so much more. You can cook all these and more knowing you are cooking them in a healthy and nutritious way.

Actifry - Hot Air Cooking System

Hot Air FryingThe Actifry uses a hot air system to cook your food. It circulates hot air around the food which ensures it is cooked evenly and gives you the crisp texture you look for in your fried food. The Actifry also has a rotating paddle that moves the food around the cooking pan, and this combined with the circulating hot air ensures that the food is evenly cooked throughout during cooking process. The hot air system used in the Tefal Actifry also means that there is no preheating of the appliance, so you are ready to cook straight away without any waiting.

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The Tefal Actifry is taking the press and television by storm with the revolutionary cooking process and healthy benefits of cooking your fried food with the Actifry's hot air system. If you are looking for a healthy way to enjoy your favourite food, the Actifry gives you the tastes and flavours you enjoy in a healthy and nutritious way.

Actifry - Easy to use?

The Actifry is very straight forward to use, and has the advantage that you don't have to preheat the Actifry before you start cooking, unlike traditional deep-fat fryers. With the large lid and viewing window in the Actifry you can always safely keep an eye on your food as it cooks, and the unique mixing arm in your Actify means your food is evenly cooked without you having to open the lid and stop the cooking process.

Is the Actifry easy to clean?

As the Actifry only uses 1 spoonfull of oil to cook your food, you don't have to worry about having to clean a large bowl of oil. The main pan has a non-stick coating making it easy to clean, and is easy to remove along with the lid to ease cleaning. The lid and pan of the Actifry are also dishwasher safe.
The following video shows just how easy the Tefal Actifry is to clean. Watch the video to see how easy and straight forward the Tefal Actifry is to take apart to clean and also to put back together.

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